FAQ Tandem jump

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a restaurant at GoJump in Gransee?

    Yes, and we are famous for it too! Our bistro offers warm and cold food while dives are taking place. You can watch the parachute jumpers landing from the modern inside room or from the terrace. You are also welcome to bring your family and friends. 

  • Do I need a doctor's certificate?

    No, you don't need a doctor's certificate. A tandem skydive in Gransee is possible for anyone. If you have any specific health complaints – particularly back or circulation problems – please consult your doctor to be sure.

    Otherwise, you just need to be over 140 cm and have a maximum body weight of 110 kg. 

    If you are heavier than 95 kg, we will charge an additional 25 euros.

  • Does GoJump have vouchers for a tandem skydive in Berlin?

    Our tandem skydive voucher is a very popular present. You can collect the voucher from our shop on Knaackstrasse 99 in Berlin. It is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am until 6 pm. Alternatively, we would be happy to send the personal voucher by post along with the invoice – guaranteed on the order date if a working day. Ask about our special offers on partner tandem skydives – or with hand camera video.

  • Can I wear my glasses / contact lenses?

    No problem. We have special "Over-glasses" for wearers of glasses so that they can see as much as possible.

  • Shall I make an appointment at GoJump?

    Yes, please. We would appreciate it if you pre-book 1 to 2 weeks beforehand. Summer weekends are particularly busy and we wouldn't want you to have a long wait. For this reason, we would prefer for you to reserve your personal tandem dive in Gransee by telephone. Our office is available from Monday to Friday from 10 am until 6 pm and the phone number is +49 30 245 34 030.

  • What does Skydive Berlin mean?

    Skydive is a word from the USA and means jumping from a plane using a tandem parachute. Tourists therefore often ask about Skydive Berlin and then do a parachute jump at our Skydive Center in Berlin-Gransee.

  • What will happen with my tandem dive if the weather is bad in Gransee?

    Bad weather for the tandem dive in Gransee means low cloud and rain. Low clouds mean that we cannot see the landing zone soon enough and rain can be unpleasant when doing a freefall. Try it out for yourself – put your head out of the window into the wind when driving down the motorway at 150 km/h ... the raindrops will be pretty sharp. Otherwise, there are no major problems with weather, unless the wind blows very fiercely and then we would temporarily suspend the jumps in Gransee for safety reasons. If your tandem dive cannot take place, we will arrange another appointment with you, free of charge.

  • What should I wear for the tandem dive?

    Whatever you feel comfortable in and what you would normally wear for that time of year. So in summer you can just wear a T-shirt and shorts – and perhaps jeans and a loose sweatshirt in spring and autumn. Proper shoes without hooks – sports shoes are ideal. We will give you a parachute suit to wear on top that will protect you from the cold and particularly from getting grass stains when you land.

  • How old do you need to be for a tandem dive with GoJump?

    There are very few legal restrictions. Our minimum age is 12 so that the candidate knows what the freefall involves and can prepare themselves adequately. But there is no upper age limit. We have already dived with pensioners over 90 years old. The golden rule is: if you feel fit enough, you can take on a tandem parachute jump. Please note that anyone under 18 years of age needs written consent from both legal guardians.

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