GoJump commits to its environmental and social responsibility

A skydive is a great experience and a great nature experience, too. Gravity acts on our body, we play with the air stream, feel the dynamics of the canopy ride and see the world beneath from an usual and fascinating perspective.


In order to create this experience we emit noise and cannot avoid to consume fossil fuels. GoJump is not content with adhering to existing norms and regulations, we are constantly working to improve our relationship with neighbors and nature alike. This is the current status:

Noise emission

GoJump operates way below all relevant legal noise emission norms and the Cessna Supervan 900 in use is the silentest drop plane of its class. The combination of silent turbine, noise-optimized propeller and excellent climb rate reduces noise perceivable on the ground as far as currently technically possible. In addition, we fly alternating routes in order to distribute noise and suspend flying when certain events take place in the nearby villages. We avoid flying over nature reserves and if unavoidable fly over at higher altitude than legally required.

All aircraft in GoJump use are equipped with transponder technology, so that all flights can be checked on using freely available tracking-apps or websites by any interested party.

We also refrain from generating additional revenue for the sake of noise reduction by banning all non-skydiving flight operations such as sightseeing or hobby pilot flights from our drop zone.

Climate neutral flight operations

Our turbine-equipped aircraft use less fuel per passenger than camparable piston-engined ones. Development of electrically propelled aircraft is in process, but it will still take some time until they are fit and commercially available for skydiving operations. This is why GoJump compensates for our CO2-emissions by voluntarily funding initiatives that help to regenerate nature and keep our climate stable. Our certified partner for this is ClimatePartner.

GoJump’s medium term goal is to make all of our relevant business processes climate neutral.

Social initiatives

GoJump is a small business, but within our limits we try to help people who are at a disadvantage. Every year we do a number of pro-bono jumps, but avoid to use this for marketing purposes. We also do all jumps with handicapped customers without charging them for unavoidable extra effort (special briefings, fitting of equipment, extra space in the aircraft etc.).

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