Operative corona prevention measures (aka hygiene concept) and situation assessment

Status: March 26, 2022

  • Approximately 29,000 people visited our site in 2021 and thousands of them actively participated in skydiving without a single, traceable infection or even contact tracing. With a reasonable hygiene concept adapted to current developments and with responsible behavior by all those involved, skydiving as an individual sport can also be practiced under Corona conditions without any noticeable restrictions.

    Of course, every visitor will have to form their own opinion about the risk situation on an ongoing basis and entering our company premises and participating in activities offered by us is at your own risk. People who are not sure whether they want to expose themselves to the residual risk of infection, which we can never completely rule out, should refrain from visiting.

    The safety and health of our guests, athletes and employees will always come first in 2022. With this hygiene concept, we meet the requirements of the current regulations of the state of Brandenburg and also the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

    Our following list of measures is adapted to the requirements of the safest possible operation after a daily situation assessment, which also includes regular exchange with doctors.

    The management of GoJump GmbH


    1. Code of Conduct for all Employees, Contractors, Licensed Skydivers, AFF- and tandem jumpers:
      1. Participation in the operation only after necessary personal and contact details have been documented along with the date/time of entering the site.
      2. Documentation stating the date/time when leaving the sports grounds.
      3. Leaving the sports grounds no later than 45 minutes after the last jump including its postprocessing has taken place
      4. Wearing approved FFP2 masks is mandatory in all buildings.
        Note: People who cannot wear an FFP2 mask for medical reasons do not have access to the site.
      5. Non-compliance with the regulations of this hygiene concept or non-compliance with instructions from GoJump staff will result in removal from the site. If any services have been booked and paid for, but have not yet rendered, they shall be forfeited. In the case of persistent violations, the competent authorities will be called and in case of doubt consulted.
    2. All employees and contractors:
      1. Participation in regularly updated anti-corona briefings is mandatory. Non-participation will result in exclusion from the operative business.
      2. Mandatory wearing of face masks in designated areas and relevant activities also apply to employees and contractors, even if in regulations regulated differently by the state of Brandenburg.
      3. Non-contact greeting and compliance with other relevant codes of conduct (sneezing into the crook of your arm, washing and disinfecting your hands regularly, etc.) causing obligation.
      4. Compliance with the social distance rules on the premises, temporarily falling below the distance only with a mask and only where necessary or necessary for safety reasons.
      5. Immediate release from any operational activity if contact with is suspected infected persons or suspected cases until the clarification is beyond doubt
    3. Free bus shuttle Gransee train station – drop zone – Gransee train station:
      1. Mask requirement in the vehicle, about 5-minute drive takes place with permanent ventilation.
      2. Disinfection of all handles and relevant surfaces in the vehicle several times every day.
    4. Parking lot and driveways outside the closed area:
      1. The general social distance rules apply.
      2. Remaining longer than required for loading and unloading is not allowed.
      3. Parking of vehicles only for the duration of the stay on the company premises.
    5. buildings on entire premises:
      1. ​​​​​​​Regular disinfection of all door handles and other exposed surfaces.
      2. Disinfectants in all sanitary rooms free of use.
    6. In the manifest building:
      1. ​​​​​​​Simultaneous abidance in the manifest building in addition to necessary staff is limited to a maximum of 6 athletes (= licensed jumpers, course jumpers, tandem jumpers).
      2. Foil covering and regular disinfection of the check-in iPads.
    7. Bistros:
      1. ​​​​​​​Currently only to-go sales, no consumption within a 50 m radius of point of sale.
      2. Cold drinks only from bottles - no glasses.
      3. Hot drinks only from paper cups - no cups.
      4. Food only on paper plates with disposable cutlery.
      5. No use of guests’ self brought containers in the bistro.
      6. No bringing and consumption of your own food on the premises. Exception: baby food and self-supply for staff and licensed athletes.
    8. In the hangar (course and tandem jump students):
      1. ​​​​​​​Strict compliance with the instructions of the staff or the instructors.
      2. Only active athletes and staff are allowed in the hangar.
      3. Tandem students: Putting on the jump suits independently according to the instructions of the staff.
      4. Disinfection of the goggles etc. before each jump.
      5. Maintaining social distance during briefing and waiting time prior to boarding aircraft.
      6. Remaining in the hangar for licensed jumpers, AFF and tandem jumpers only for absolutely necessary activities to practice the sport.
    9. On the plane:
      1. ​​​​​​​AFF student jumpers and tandem student jumpers: wear of an approved FFP2 mask that must be put on before boarding.
      2. Licensed jumpers: wear of a closed full-face helmet and/or a approved FFP2 mask, which must be put on before boarding.
      3. All occupants are only allowed to leave the mask open when exiting the aircraft and with an opened door.
      4. All relevant surfaces inside the aircraft are regularly disinfected.
      5. All available vents are open for taxiing, takeoff and ascent.
    10. After the jump:
      1. ​​​​​​​Picking up the parachutes etc. and returning to the hangar area in compliance with the social distance rules.
      2. Upon termination of participation in active skydiving including the packing process immediate exit from the hangar. Exception: GoJump staff like Packer, Dubbing, Operations Manager etc.
    11. Dealing with suppliers:
      1. ​​​​​​​Contactless deliveries for everything
      2. Regular inquiries with all food suppliers about Corona (suspected) cases, in case of doubt, temporary shutdown of the supplier and renunciation of the product

    Site areas and access regulations
    See overview image with marked areas.

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