GoJump is committed to environmental protection and social responsibility

GoJump is committed to environmental protection and social responsibility. A skydive is an exhilarating experience – one that takes place in the great outdoors. The earth's gravity has a discernible effect on our bodies, we play with the air current, experience the dynamics of flight through the parachute, and see the world from an unusual and fascinating perspective.

In order to create this experience, we emit aircraft noise and currently also consume fossil fuels out of necessity. GoJump is not satisfied with just complying with legal requirements. We are constantly working on our relationship with our neighbors and nature. Overview of the current situation: Noise emission Operating well below regulatory noise limits, GoJump uses the Cessna Supervan 900, which is currently the quietest airdrop aircraft in its class. The combination of a quiet turbine, sound-optimized propeller and excellent climb characteristics reduces the noise audible on the ground to the greatest technical extent currently possible. Furthermore, we fly alternating routes in order to distribute the noise as much as possible. We also pause our flight operations to take special events in surrounding towns into consideration. We avoid flying over nature reserves whenever possible. If a flight over such areas is unavoidable, it takes place at an altitude that is higher than prescribed.

Thanks to transponder technology, the routes of all our drop-off flights can be viewed by anyone on publicly accessible tracking websites.

Furthermore, in order to reduce noise, we deliberately forgo additional income, e.g. from flights by sightseeing companies or private pilots, by not permitting flight operations that are not related to the sport of parachuting on our special landing site.

Climate-friendly flight operations

Our turbine-equipped airdrop aircraft consume less fuel per skydiver transported than those with piston engines. The development of electrically powered aircraft continues to make progress, but no aircraft suitable for skydiving operations is expected to become available in the coming years. That's why we have previously compensated for the CO2 emissions of our drop-off flights with ClimatePartner and are now looking for a verifiably reputable alternative.

Our goal over the medium term is to also make all other relevant processes in our company climate-neutral.

Social initiatives

We are a small company, but we strive to help disadvantaged people to the best of our ability. We refuse to actively advertise it (through videos etc.), but we conduct a number of free pro bono jumps every year. In addition, we generally do not charge people with physical limitations (e.g. paralysis) for the necessary extra effort (preliminary discussions, custom-fitting harnesses, etc.) involved in such jumps.

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