Capital City Championship at GoJump in Gransee postponed

We were really looking forward to it, but we won't compromise!

What a pitty: We hoped that we could hold the Hauptstadtmeisterschaften under the still compulsory Corona regulations in an at least reasonable way.
Sadly this is not the case, although we will not give up on our plans! In 2021 we will - together with the FSG - have another go at it!

All teams who have already enlisted will immeditately get their entry fees back.

Special Events for funjumpers!

GoJump turns into the ultimate skydiving playground

In this season we continue to promote the fun for our skydivers:
Ticket price 26.50 € plus Supervan 900 exclusively for skydivers plus 4,000 / 4,500 m (or below) attitude = maximum fun on the sport!

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