More about safety in your AFF course

GoJump - AFF and safety

For many years skydiving was known as a risky sport for crazy people who jumped out of perfectly good aircrafts – always hoping that one of the parachutes would somehow open. This times have long time gone. Today skydiving is one of the most modern sport in the world, in fact one of the safest like skiing or biking.

How safe is skydiving ?

For approx. 25 years skydiving is promoted as a professionell sport which includes high standards of safety in equipment and training. Besides that an industry is producing high tech skydiving equipment with high safety standards. Each part of equipment has to go thru rigourous testing to get approval of the parachute federation. It is without saying that our equipment is going by these standards. All our equipment has an average age of 2 years. Please compare with our competition – you will never find anythin more modern in the market.

Berlin-Gransee - 20 years of skydiving experience

For more than 15 years there has been skydiving and training going on in our center in Gransee. Each season between 60 and 100 people learn to skydive and more than 2000 guests enjoy a tandemjump with GoJump. Many of them become a licenced skydiver after only 25 jumps. We are a member of the german skydiving federation (DFV) and accepted to do student and tandemjump training.

Besides that we are operating the most modern skydiving aircraft in germany, a Supervan 900. It brings you within 11 minutes to full altitude of 4,000 meters. GoJump is one of the leading and the most modern skydive center for Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg and the Dresden/Leipzig region. In 2016 we have done more than 7,500 jumps sucessfully in Gransee.

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