Skydiving training with GoJump – Getting your skydiving license safely

Whether it's a one-time solo jump or getting your very own internationally valid parachute license – you are in professional hands with GoJump. We have been successfully training skydivers for more than 20 years.

As a member of the German Skydiving Federation (DFV), both our teaching methods and our modern skydiving equipment comply with the highest standards. Join us to become a skydiver and part of our global community.

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Professional parachuting

More than 25,000 jumps annually in Gransee

For around 25 years, skydiving has been practiced and taught professionally all around the world. Alongside this, an industry has emerged that now manufactures parachutes and harnesses that meet the highest quality standards. Parachuting equipment must pass the most stringent, internationally standardized tests to obtain market approval. Subsequently, a quality seal certificate is issued which approves the parachute and the harness for jumping operations.

As a member of the German Skydiving Federation (DFV), it goes without saying that our skydiving equipment complies with these regulations, and is also considered the most modern in Germany. All our parachutes, harnesses, opening devices and jump suits have a low average age and comply with the highest standards.

Our dropzone in Gransee near Berlin

Training at the highest level for over 25 years

We have successfully conducted skydiving and AFF courses in Gransee, near Berlin, for more than 25 years. Between 60 and 100 people undergo an AFF course here in Gransee each skydiving season. Many of them acquire their skydiving license directly afterwards. We are an accredited skydiving school of the German Skydiving Federation (DFV) and offer everything from tandem jumps and AFF first jump courses to your very own license, all from a single source.

With us, you will be jumping from the latest drop plane, the Cessna Supervan 900. Powered by a 900 HP turbine engine, the Supervan 900 reaches our standard drop altitude of 4,000 m within 11 minutes.

GoJump Berlin is considered the leading and most modern center for skydivers from Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg and the Dresden/Leipzig region. In the 2018 season, over 20,000 individual jumps and 6,000 tandem jumps were safely performed in Gransee.

What does AFF actually mean?

Accelerated Free Fall – This course was developed 30 years ago in the USA and has proven to be a fast, yet safe standard training method around the world. On all AFF jumps, you will always be accompanied by two and later on one experienced instructor(s).

From the AFF first jump to the license

Our AFF courses at a glance

All training courses are held every 2 weeks and include 1.5 days of theory lessons.
If the weather permits, you will already be doing your first skydive on the 2nd day!
For all courses, you will require a medical certificate, which is available from any family doctor. The original copy of this certificate must be presented on the first day.

A template for the medical certificate is linked at "requirements"

Packing Video
AFF First Jump Course

All you need for your first skydive are 2 free days, usually Friday and Saturday. An AFF first jump course is the perfect opportunity to get to know this exciting sport and to jump solo with a parachute for the first time.

If you decide to take an AFF license course part I or license course after the AFF first jump course, 100% of the costs will be credited.

AFF license course part I

The AFF license course part I includes the first 7 training jumps, during which you will be accompanied by our experienced parachute instructors in free fall. Before each jump, a comprehensive briefing and short exercises will be conducted, and after each jump the instructors will analyze the jumping process, supported by video recordings. The AFF licnese course part I lasts from 4 to 7 days and offers a safe and personally supervised introduction to skydiving.

You can complete the training in one go or split it over several weeks.

AFF licence course

Upon successful completion of the AFF course, you will be able to perform solo free fall jumps without help from an instructor. But don't worry, our skydiving instructors will remain by your side and guide you from the ground.

From now on, you will prepare directly for the skydiving license exam.
To obtain your personal, internationally valid skydiving license, you will need to complete a total of 25 jumps, participate in a packing course, and take and pass the theory exam. Included in the 25 jumps is one test jump from an altitude of 4,000 m with video accompaniment and one test jump from 1,500 m with a target landing.

The most affordable way to get your parachute license is our AFF license course, which includes the AFF course and all the jumps that follow.


Requirements for an AFF course

What you should be aware of

You can start your AFF course at age 14, provided you have the written consent of both legal guardians. There is no upper age limit. However, the examination for obtaining the license is only allowed from the age of 16.

The golden rule:
If you feel fit enough and can present a medical certificate, then you can embark on an AFF course.

Maximum weight: 100 kg

template medical certificate

Insights into the AFF training


AFF Prices

Skydiving training with GoJump – Getting your skydiving license safely. Starting at just €329, you will be able to take the first step towards obtaining your very own internationally valid parachute license.

More information on prices can be found in the price overview.


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