AFF License Course part I

Skydiving in Berlin according to the AFF training method

The AFF concept – Accelerated Free Fall – was originally created in the United States more than 30 years ago and has become the standard training method worldwide in modern skydive centers.

In 7 steps (jumps) our very experienced instructors will guide thru to your first real solo skydives. The AFF license course part I takes about 4-7 days and will give you a safe and fast access to skydive for yourself.

To start skydiving yourself the only thing you need is the approval from your doctor and a few days of free time. It is possible to do the course in one package or you spread it over several weekends. Our courses start every 2 weeks. We jump 5 days a week from May to September and during weekends from March to May and October.

Individually tailored AFF Course to your needs

Learn to skydive at your own pace

Each human being is unique and is learning differently. Therefor our AFF courses are tailored individually towards your needs and feelings. Our very experiences skydiving instructors are accompanying you from first jump course up to your personal licence.

Experience and passion of our instructors

11,000 jumps experience as a promise

All our AFF Instructors are looking at a history of 30 years and are among the most experienced ones in europe. The GoJump training manager has completed over 11,000 jumps to date and can look back on 30 years of experience in skydiving. It is no secret anymore.

With the AFF training programm and our very experienced instructors you will achieve your goals with less effort and therefore less investment involved. This is true with every training in your job, in other sports or in private aspects of life.

GoJump has the most modern equipment in germany

New equipment for an optimal experience

All of our parachutes and equipment has an average age of 1.5 years. New equipment is not only in the best possible condition but its just more fun to jump with it.

We offer a various choice of sizes on canopies and equipment to suit your needs best possible. To jump the latest equipment gives you more security and more good feelings while up there in the air.

We work with leading manufacturers in the industry and offer you the most modern jumping equipment for every jump.

7 AFF Levels step by step

In 7 steps from pedestrian to bird man

  • GoJump AFF-Level 1

    Lots of wind - lots of fun - lots of joy

    1.5 days of theory on the ground as preparation, then a parachute jump with 2 instructors from 4,000 m. Independent opening of the umbrella at 1,500 m, then radio support during the parachute flight with independent landing. It takes a bit of courage - for that there is a huge experience and a great feeling of happiness.

  • GoJump AFF-Level 2

    More wind - more fun - more joy

    Program similar to AFF level 1. Jump with 2 teachers. First 90 ° turns with the release of the second instructor with a stable free fall phase. Independent parachute opening at 1,500 meters.

  • GoJump AFF-Level 3

    Fly all alone for the first time

    Both instructors let go of the learner for the first time. The aim is to fall stably and vertically and to be able to stop turning. Fly completely alone for the first time at AFF level 3.

  • GoJump AFF-Level 4

    Flying alone is a lot of fun

    From now on only one jumping instructor. The teacher lets go of the AFF student and lies down across from him. Initiate first 360 ° turns and stop automatically.

  • GoJump AFF-Level 5

    Jumping off the plane for the first time without contacting the teacher

    The exit from the aircraft takes place without contact with the jumping instructor. The AFF student shows 1-2 controlled 360 ° rotations in a stable prone position. Let the fun begin!

  • GoJump AFF-Level 6

    It's also fun on the back

    Exit like level 5. For the first time, the AFF student shows a backward flip with independent finding of the stable prone position. Then move horizontally for 5 seconds.

  • GoJump AFF-Level 7

    A skydiver is born!

    The exit takes place as a “dive”. The AFF student now demonstrates through various maneuvers and good height control that he is ready for independent skydiving.

    Congratulations - now it's time to start as a skydiver! - make the sky your playground -

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