AFF Full Course

FF Course in Berlin

Have you always dreamed about skydive for yourself out of a perfectly good aircraft ? Then the AFF Full course is the right one for you. Accelerated Freefall has been developed in the USA more than 25 years ago. Today this is the state of the art training method worldwide. In 7 steps (jumps) our very experienced instructors will guide thru to your first real solo skydives. The Full AFF course takes about 4-7 days and will give you a safe and fast access to skydive for yourself.

To start skydiving yourself the only thing you need is the approval from your doctor and a few days of free time. Ii is possible to do the course in one package or you spread it over several weekends. Our courses start every 2 weeks. We jump 5 days a week from May to September and during weekends from March to May and October.

Individually tailored AFF Course to your needs

Each human being is unique and is learning differently. Therefor our AFF courses are tailored individually towards your needs and feelings. Our very experiences skydiving instructors are accompanying you from first jump course up to your personal licence.

Experience and passion of our instructors

All our AFF Instructors are looking at a history of 10 to 20 years and 5.000 to 10.000 jumps experience and are among the most experienced ones in europe. It is no secret anymore. With the AFF training programm and our very experienced instructors you will achieve your goals with less effort and therefore less investment involved. This is true with every training in your job, in other sports or in private aspects of life.

GoJump has the most modern equipment in germany

It is no secret anymore. All of our parachutes and equipment has an average age of 1.5 years. New equipment is not only in the best possible condition but its just more fun to jump with it. Isn´t it a great feeling to go ride a brandnew bike or car for the first time ? It is the same with skydiving. We offer a various choice of sizes on canopies and equipment to suit your needs best possible. To jump the latest equipment gives you more security and more good feelings while up there in the air.

7 AFF Levels step by step

GoJump AFF Level 1

Skydive from 4.000m with 2 instructors. You pull your parachute yourself with radio controlled landing.

GoJump AFF Level 2

Program similar like level 1. Skydive with 2 instructors. First 90° turns. Stable position while you pull.

GoJump AFF Level 3

Now is the first time that you freefall solo. Both instructors are still aside but let you go completely. The goal is to fall stable and be able to stop turns.

GoJump AFF Level 4

From now on there is only one instructor aside. The instructor flies in front of you. First 360° turns.

GoJump AFF Level 5

You exit without contact to the instructor from the aircraft. You need to show 1-2 controlled 360° turns in stable flat position.

GoJump AFF Level 6

Exit similar like Level 5. You demonstrate for the first time a loop and be able to recover for yourself. After that you track for 5 seconds horizontally.

GoJump AFF Level 7

You exit in a dive position. In this final AFF jump you demonstrate various manoeuvers and good altitude awareness. Congratulation – from now on you are ready to jump solo for yourself.

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