GoJump AFF licence course

How to get your skydive licence with GoJump Berlin

Congratulation! With your AFF complete course you have made one of the major steps to become a skydiver. You are now ready to go solo and add another 18 jumps to become a skydiver licence. No worries. Our instructors will still look after you – now more on the ground then in the air. From now on you prepare yourself for the licence with a total of 25 jumps. The last jump will be on Video DVD to confirm that you have sucessfully finished your training.

No big deal ! Thats how we see it as well and have put together the AFF license course package. This package includes everything you need to go from zero to a licenced skydiver. There will be no extra charge on top of that besides the € 100 German Federation fee for the licence.

AFF, equipment, 25 jumps, groundschool, packing – everything is included in our unbeatable package price of € 2.750.- incl. DFV license-fee. Your skydivers licence will never expire for life and stays valid if you do at least 12 jumps a year. If that is not possible – no problem. We retrain you for a fraction of the previous costs whenever you want to come back to our sport.

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