Frequently asked questions
  • Is there a restaurant at GoJump in Gransee?

    Yes, and we are famous for it too! Our new bistro was completely renovated in 2013 and serves hot and cold food while jumps are taking place. You can watch the parachute jumpers landing from the modern inside room or from the terrace. You are also welcome to bring your family and friends.
  • Do I need a doctor's certificate?

    Yes, you do need a doctor's certificate. We require a doctor's certificate from the DFV association for the AFF course. You can find the download for the certificate in the section "Skydiving school". The doctor's certificate does not require much effort. Simply contact your doctor or give us a call. We will be happy to recommend a doctor to you.
  • Does GoJump have vouchers for a tandem skydive or the AFF course in Berlin?

    Our tandem skydive voucher is a very popular present. You can collect the voucher from our shop on Knaackstrasse 99 in Berlin. It is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am until 6 pm. Alternatively, we would be happy to send the personal voucher by post along with the invoice – guaranteed on the order date if a working day. Ask about our special offers on partner tandem skydives – or with hand camera video.
  • Shall I make an appointment for an AFF course at GoJump?

    An appointment must be made in advance for the AFF courses. In order that we can guarantee the quality of our training, only a limited number of training places are available per day. We particularly recommend booking early in the summer. Our office is available from Monday to Friday from 10 am until 6 pm and the phone number is +49 (0)30 245 34 030.
  • When can I attend an AFF course at GoJump?

    Our AFF courses start twice a month – or an individual course is possible for groups of three or more. Just give us a call and book an AFF place or tandem skydive.
  • What does AFF mean?

    It stands for Accelerated Free Fall and this training was introduced in the USA over 30 years ago because the conventional method, using a rip cord, was taking much longer and the learning progress was lower. This AFF method is still being used around the world today – in exactly the same way as before. We definitely recommend the AFF method: faster, safer and more fun.
  • What does Skydive Berlin mean?

    Skydive is a word from the USA and means jumping from a plane using a tandem parachute. Tourists therefore often ask about Skydive Berlin and then do a parachute jump at our Skydive Center in Berlin-Gransee.
  • Is there is a minimum/maximum age?

    You can start your AFF course at the age of 14, provided you have obtained written consent from both legal guardians. But there is no upper age limit. We have already done AFF courses and tandem dives with pensioners over 70 years old. The golden rule is: if you feel fit enough and have a doctor's certificate, you can take on AFF training.
  • How experienced are the skydiving instructors at GoJump Berlin?

    Our AFF instructors have up to 30 years' experience in the areas of sport as coaches, teachers or international contestants. The head trainer at GoJump has already completed more than 11,000 jumps. At GoJump you're in good hands – whether for your tandem jump or your AFF training.
  • How long does an AFF course last at GoJump Berlin?

    The first AFF skydiving course takes 1.5 days. The law says that you must sleep for one night after the first day of theory. We will use the second day to go back over what you have learnt. In the afternoon, you'll then set off into the sky with two teachers for the first parachute jump. You should expect the complete AFF parachute course (7 level jumps) to take 3-5 days or 2-3 weekends. You can choose either a complete week or 2-3 consecutive weekends – whatever is best for you. The AFF licence training, including the 25 required jumps, should take around 4 weeks. After the AFF complete training course, we estimate there will be 2-4 jumps a day.
  • What overnight accommodation is there in Gransee?

    Our organisation – the Fallschirmsportgemeinschaft Berlin (FSG) – owns one of best parachuting campsites in Germany. Camping is free of charge. Please contact our office about hotels – we will be happy to help.

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