Your Tandemskydive with GoJump - a great Experience

GoJump is the No. 1 Tandem operation in Germany

Live up to your dreams and let us take you on a great adventure. You will experience an exhilarating feeling while freefalling for up to 1 minute at 200 kilometers per hour. After the freewill you will enjoy a relaxing parachute flight for 5 to 7 minutes gliding safely to the ground. It is exiting and fun. Step out your comfort zone and live an experience that you will always remember.


In operation for over 10 years we provide the best crew, the best customer service, the best gear and location. Our very experienced professional tandempilots will guide you from introduction to your safe landing back on earth. Multilingual speaking tandemmasters available.


A tandemjump is suitable for all people from 12 to 90 years old. No prior experience necessary - just give us a call and we take you to the sky.


What to wear for your Jump

We suit you up with everything you need

Besides the Skydive equipment you will also receive a jumpsuit which is especially designed together with the suit of your tandemmaster. This gives you comfort as well as a good look on your personal Video and Photos. If you wear glasses you can still wear them underneath the googles while you jump. Lenses are not a problem either. Please bring a pair of sport sneakers for jumping.

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