Give a gift of freedom with a climate-neutral parachute tandem jump!

As a gift to loved ones or yourself: Tandem at the preseason price!

  • Even if we don't have any jumping operations now, you can think about your tandem jump and save money at the same time! Our offer 179 € for 4,000 m tandem parachute jump is valid until the end of February 2022!

    Current party fun fact:
    According to the official figures of the German Skydiving Association, GoJump Berlin lifts the biggest number of tandem guests in Germany. We only use the most modern tandem skydiving equipment and constantly exchange used for new in order to always keep the average age of gear under 2 years.

    Ready to give away:
    Whether it is a jump from 2,500 m or 4,000 m or a gift voucher, you will immediately receive an order confirmation via email after a successful booking, with our vouchers attached as a PDF file. In addition, we will dispatch your chosen free gift at no extra charge on the same working day via Deutsche Post.

    You can choose between the Parachute (small mini skydiver in a plastic tube) and the Magnet (a small cool fridge magnet). If the package is too big for your mailbox, please look out for a notification slip from your mailman. We would also be happy to send it to an alternative address – to make sure it remains a surprise!

    Simply choose one – you can't beat the gift of an adventure!

Tandem skydive

Dive right into it with us

Let us take you into the wonderful world of flight and feel free as a bird! Intense free fall, followed by silent floating on an open parachute - simply indescribably beautiful. Our experienced tandem pilots accompany you from the preparation to the safe and happy landing.

A tandem parachute jump is possible for everyone without any prior knowledge or medical certificate. From 12 to 90 - if you feel fit, then you can jump with us.

Book your Skydive

And this is what a tandem skydive looks like

We offer 2 perspectives for the documentation of your jump

On the one hand, we have the handycam perspective:
Your tandem pilot's camera is attached to his wrist and will record everything for you, from the preparation on the ground, during the free fall and the parachute glide, to the landing.

The second perspective is the outside camera:
An extra camera jumper films your way to the plane and goes into free fall at the same time as you and your tandem pilot. During the freefall, he slides around you. For safety reasons, the canopy ride cannot be offered. The extra camera jumper, as soon as the canopy from you and the tandem pilot opens, has to fly away due to safety reason. The ride on open canopy can therefore only be filmed and photografed by the tandem pilot with the handycam perspective.

We offer you the video and / or the photo series from both perspectives. And if you want something very special, you can simply combine both perspectives!

So you will never forget the experience of your tandem skydive!

Here are some examples!


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