Give a gift of freedom and the feeling of happiness with a parachute tandem jump!

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    • When buying and paying for your voucher online (PayPal, credit card, instant transfer and purchase against invoice), you only pay 209 € for the tandem jump from 4,000 m instead of the price when paying on site of 229 €.
    • The order and payment process must be completed no later than ten days before the planned jumping day. The booking of a jump date can be made online with the purchase, or it can be arranged later by phone - whatever suits you best

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    Current party fun fact:
    According to the official figures of the German Skydiving Association, GoJump Berlin lifts the biggest number of tandem guests in Germany. We only use the most modern tandem skydiving equipment and constantly exchange used for new in order to always keep the average age of gear under 2 years.

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Tandem skydive

Dive right into it with us

Let us take you into the wonderful world of flight and feel free as a bird! Intense free fall, followed by silent floating on an open parachute - simply indescribably beautiful. Our experienced tandem pilots accompany you from the preparation to the safe and happy landing.

A tandem parachute jump is possible for everyone without any prior knowledge or medical certificate. From 12 to 90 - if you feel fit, then you can jump with us.

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The jump height of your tandem skydive

Difference between 2,500 m and 4,000 m

There is a key difference between the two altitudes: the height!

At 2,500 m the door of the plane opens, your tandem pilot jumps out together with you, and you both enjoy 15-20 seconds of free fall.

From a jump altitude of 4,000 m, you can enjoy 50-60 seconds of free fall!
Regardless of the altitude from which you jump, the tandem pilot will open the parachute at 1,500 m in both cases, such that you glide back to earth for about 4-5 minutes.
Hence, it doesn't matter whether you have prior experience. You can make your first tandem jump from an altitude of 4,000 m without any worries.

By the way: around 85% of our guests decide to jump from 4,000 m.

Do you already have a voucher for 2,500 m? We would be happy to book the upgrade for you and you can enjoy your jump even longer!

And this is what a tandem skydive looks like

We offer 2 perspectives for the documentation of your jump

On the one hand, we have the handycam perspective:
Your tandem pilot's camera is attached to his wrist and will record everything for you, from the preparation on the ground, during the free fall and the parachute glide, to the landing.

The second perspective is the outside camera:
An extra camera jumper films your way to the plane and goes into free fall at the same time as you and your tandem pilot. During the freefall, he slides around you. For safety reasons, the canopy ride cannot be offered. The extra camera jumper, as soon as the canopy from you and the tandem pilot opens, has to fly away due to safety reason. The ride on open canopy can therefore only be filmed and photografed by the tandem pilot with the handycam perspective.

We offer you the video and / or the photo series from both perspectives.
And if you want something very special, you can simply combine both perspectives!

So you will never forget the experience of your tandem skydive!

Here are some examples!

But don't take our word for it, have a look for yourself!


Sarah Lombardi jumps with GoJump


Your tandem skydive with GoJump

That's how it all works

No prior knowledge is required for your first tandem parachute jump with GoJump – you will learn all the important aspects at a safety briefing on site.

How it works:

  • Strapped to an experienced tandem pilot, you will be taken high up in the air.
  • At an altitude of 4,000 m (or 2,500 m) you then jump out of our modern airplane.
  • You will experience free fall for almost one minute (at 4,000 m), racing down towards the earth.
  • The parachute opens at an altitude of 1,500 m
  • Subsequently, hanging from a parachute, you will glide gently towards the earth for about 4-5 minutes together with the tandem pilot.
  • You land right in front of your family and friends on the large landing meadow of our jump area.

Our experienced tandem pilots

Safety is a top priority

We are possibly the safest parachute company in Germany. All our tandem pilots have undergone special training and are licensed for tandem jumps, and have been jumping with tandem customers for many years. Your tandem pilot will be more than happy to tell you more about his wealth of experience from thousands of jumps as well as his very first jump – or her first jump, because we also have female tandem pilots.


Modern jumping equipment for your tandem skydive

Security through modern technology

Our tandem jumping equipment is considered the most modern in Europe. With us, you jump with parachutes and harnesses that are less than a year old on average. Feel free to compare us with our competitors in Berlin – tandem jumping doesn't get any safer or more modern than with us.

All of our parachute equipment is also outfitted with the world's leading automatic opening device Cypres II. This microchip, which is developed and manufactured by the German company Airtec, automatically activates the reserve parachute in an exceptional emergency to allow for a safe landing… which has never happened with us.

Requirements for your tandem skydive

You should be aware of that

Physical requirements:

  • Height at least 140 cm
  • Min. body weight of 40 kg up to a max. of 110 kg including clothes (from 95 kg there is a surcharge of 29 €; between 101 kg - 110 kg the decision on whether a jump is possible can only be made on the spot).
  • Disabilities such as paralysis, amputations etc. do not have to be a hindrance – please give us a call!
  • In the case of acute back pain, pain from slipped discs or cardiovascular problems, we recommend consulting the doctor in charge.
  • Please do not consume alcohol or any other substances that may impair your capacity to act for at least 12 hours before the jump.
  • Unfortunately, people with a drug addiction or mental illness are not permitted to jump.

Are you still a minor? No problem!

Tandem jumps with us are possible from age 12. This is mandated by law.

Tandem jumpers who are minors should be accompanied by their legal guardians. For verifying the identity of the legal guardians, we request that a valid identity card be presented on site.

If no parent or guardian is present, we request that you present a written declaration of consent along with a copy of the identity card. No particular format is required (it can be handwritten), but must be submitted during the appointment in paper form, e.g. as a printout with an original signature. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

What am I wearing?

Very easily! Wear what you feel comfortable in.

Your clothes should be suitable for the temperatures on the ground. For the jump, we recommend closed casual or sports shoes.

Please do not wear flip-flops, footwear with elevated platforms, high/pointed heels, or footwear with hooks and/or eyelets.

Weather? Do we have!

Skydiving is an outdoor sport, which makes it dependent on the weather.

Luckily, the weather usually only keeps us from jumping for a few hours at a time. If your tandem skydive is not possible on the scheduled date, we will inform you promptly and contact you to arrange a new appointment.

The weather over Gransee is different than over Berlin, Potsdam or Neuruppin – in case of doubt, please give us a call. A weather outlook is always available!

Tandem skydiving prices

Tandem jumping is a must for everyone, regardless of age! From just € 179 you can fulfill your dream of jumping at the safest and most beautiful jumping spot in Germany!

You can find more information about the prices in the price overview.

price overview

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