Your Tandemskydive with GoJump

That´s how easy it is

Harnessed to an instructor with more than 1,000 jumps you will leave our most modern aircraft in 4,000 m. After exit you will enjoy freefall for almost 1 minute towards mother earth before your parachute opens in a safe altitude. After opening the tandempilot will glide with you under the most beautiful canopy back to the ground in approx. 5 minutes. You will land right in front of your loved ones in a nice, green meadow. Important: There is no prior experience needed for your first tandem skydive.

Your training before the skydive

Easy to learn with lots of fun

Short – clear and very easy to learn. You will be trained and prepared for your first jump with a detailed instruction by our tandemmasters on the ground. No worries. You dont need to learn much. A good position for freefall and knowledge how to hold your feet for the final landing – thats about all you need to know. The rest ist just pure fun. After the jump you will receive your personal certificate which is also going to be signed by your tandempilot. This is to proof that you have sucesfully launched from a perfectly good aircraft. All in all you should expect approx. 2-3 hours for the whole experience.

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