Tandemjump Berlin and safety

Most modern equipment - all our tandem equipment has an average age under 2 years!

With GoJump you are in good hands! Based on the latest numbers from the german parachute association (DFV) is GoJump the biggest skydive center in Germany. The safety with tandemjumping and skydiving in general is very high. Besides our very experienced staff we are jumping the most modern equipment in europe. All our equipment is serviced by the high standards of the german parachute federation (DFV) and according the manufacturer.

Tandemjump equipment and parachutes are specially designed for carrying two people and therefor a heavier load. Each of the equipment has most modern state of the art automatic activation devices. They would open the reserve parachute in the unlikely event of the tandempilots would fail to open either parachute.

Our most experienced tandempilots

Lots of experience and great stories to tell

All our tandempilots are also skydiving instructors at the same time and are jumping for many years. In fact they are some of the most experienced ones in germany. Let us take you up for a ride - we promise its going to be a great experience for your whole life. Feel free to ask your tandempilot about his first jumps and some great stories from the world of skydiving. He will be happy to tell you more. English speaking tandempilots available. 

Important for your Tandemskydive

No prior experience needed for your jump

- Minimum height is 140 cm
- 25.00 € extra charge for weight over 95 Kg up to the absolute maximum of 110 Kg*
- Minimum age is 12 years                                                                                                                       
- If you are a minor we need a written approval from your parents/guardians
- make sure you book a video with your jump

*Conditions apply

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