Videos and Fotos now in HD quality available

Your Tandemvideo for the most special experience

Imagine this: You just experience the most exiting moment of your life and havent thought about pictures or video footage of that! Impossible – so make sure you get some of our multimedia packages to be able to experience your jump over and over again. It includes all the groundschool, aircraft ride, all of the freefall and your canopy ride depending on the type of video you choose. And remember – its great fun to proudly show it to all of your friends after you have landed. 

Easy to choose and great fun

Several video and foto packages available

Your tandem jump can be filmed by one of our cameraflyer or the tandem pilot himself. The Video includes preparation on the ground, the climb to altitude in the aircraft, freefall and your landing with the parachute. The cameraflyer will only be 1 meter away from you while in freefall and you be able to shake his hand while falling at 200 km/h.  You can have Video and Fotos as a full package. Please ask our staff on the phone or on site.

GoJump in handcam pionier in germany

Most modern technique - Handcam Video DVD only 68 €

GoJump is the skydive center which brought Handcam Video DVD to Germany. Please ask our staff for the very unique video technique where your tandem master is filming all the way with his hand mounted Videocamera. Includes ride under canopy as well.

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