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We design your event according to your wishes! Your event could expire:


We offer a shuttle service that picks up your employees directly from Gransee train station and brings them to the dropzone. A welcome drink and snacks can be enjoyed in our separate event area with a view of the runway.

We will be happy to adapt the design of this environment to your company colors and using your logos, based on your concepts. It is also possible to put up advertising media on the public section of the premises.

We will give your guests a tour of the premises and an informative introduction to skydiving.


Our experienced tandem pilots take care of guests with warmth and professional composure to calm even the most excited of nerves.

Your employees will get to experience the adrenaline kick of free fall from an altitude of 4,000 m and land safely back on our grounds after a gentle parachute glide.

Guests who are not taking part in the skydive can watch the colorful parachutes in the sky and witness spectacular landings of our sports divers from the festive tent. A screen informs spectators of which guests will be the next to gently float in to land after a free fall.

Relaxing after all the excitement

After the tandem jumps, guests can move on to the leisurely or partying part of the day, depending on their mood – with cold drinks and delicious barbecue, catering and music.

A magnificent sunset over the vast Brandenburg landscape forms the backdrop.

We will take care of your needs until the last guest has left, and are also happy to offer our shuttle service back to Gransee train station.

Client's Experiences

  • Flugzeug vor einem Sonnenuntergang

SEAT visits GoJump

This is what happy guests look like!

In September 2017, 50 customers and employees from the various branches of SEAT Germany gathered for a special event in Gransee.

The participants were chosen via a raffle marking the occasion of the SEAT Ibiza premiere. With tandem jumps from a height of 4,000 m and delicious barbecue, it was a splendid celebration!

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1.FFC Turbine Potsdam

Sponsors of the club had collaborated to present seven players with a very special gift: J. Elsig, G. Chmielinski, L. Schmitz, V. Fischer, A. Gasper, E. Aigbogun und M. Georgien finally had their long-standing wish of experiencing a tandem jump together fulfilled.


Rausch GmbH Berlin

The family-run Rausch GmbH has been producing exquisite chocolates according to the highest quality standards since 1918.

Robert Rausch, Managing Director of Rausch GmbH, said the following about their summer party with us in Gransee:

"Our summer party at GoJump was a resounding success and perfectly reflected our corporate values – pure courage and inspiration."

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