GoJump is committed to sustainability and active ESG management.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and it sets assessment standards in areas where a company's actions have an impact on the environment and society. These impacts can be very positive, such as the mental and physical health benefits of social relationships and physical fitness. However, they can also be detrimental, such as the CO2 emissions from sports equipment used. The goal of an ESG-led company is to have an overall positive impact and to be sustainable and economically successful while being in harmony with the environment.



E: Environmental - Ecology

  • Climate risks, mobility, power supply
  • Waste, Dealing with CO2 emissions
  • Biodiversity, land use

S: Social — Social

  • Working conditions internally and in supply chains
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Interaction with the local community
  • Promotion of skydiving

G: Governance — Corporate governance

  • Ethics
  • Taxation

What do sustainability and ESG have to do with skydiving?

Every human activity has an impact on the environment and society, and sports are no exception, including the activities organized and offered by our sports clubs and businesses.

Skydiving, in its diversity, is no different; our clubs and businesses provide people with a very special activity in nature, which many perceive as unique and enriching, whether they are regular team skydivers, enthusiastic tandem guests, or fascinated spectators. Our equipment is durable and recyclable, our landing areas are often ecologically valuable, our hangars are unheated, and our employees describe their work as fulfilling.

However, we need tools and equipment for the practice of our sport, including an airplane. Even though noise-reducing propellers and fuel-efficient turbines have made modern aircraft much more environmentally friendly, there is still a CO2 and noise emission to consider. This emission, per athlete or guest, is relatively low and significantly lower than the impacts caused by other recreational activities. Nevertheless, we have a responsibility to provide a responsible response.

Therefore, the German Parachuting Association (DFV e.V.) and GoJump are committed to continuously maximizing the positive effects of skydiving while simultaneously minimizing any adverse side effects. Sustainability is, therefore, one of our most important goals.

Examination promotes seriousness. What, how, and by whom is it assessed?

In addition to its long-standing environmental department, the German Parachuting Association (DFV e.V.) established an ESG department in 2021, which specifically deals with all aspects of ESG management. Naturally, the association's administration itself is also considered from an ESG perspective, but with approximately 250,000 skydives per year, the focus is on collaborating with the clubs and businesses that conduct these jumps due to their greater impact.

ESG management requires standards defined with scientific expertise for the respective application environment, as a textile retailer operates differently from a skydiving operation. Therefore, the DFV ESG criteria catalog was developed by an external ESG expert in collaboration with the DFV ESG department using internationally recognized standards and aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). The criteria catalog, along with the entire evaluation process, is published on the DFV's website.

Furthermore, the ongoing assessment and scoring are conducted solely by the external ESG expert.


Why a DFV-ESG rating instead of a seal?

Certainly, the DFV could have conducted a one-time evaluation of GoJump and other clubs and businesses to then award some form of ESG seal.

However, the DFV perceives ESG management as an ongoing process that aims for continuous improvement. That's why the DFV-ESG rating opted for a benchmarking approach, which means presenting a value comparison across all participating clubs/businesses.


ESG rating and Beyond?

ESG is an important and ongoing topic on the agenda of both DFV and GoJump GmbH, and our association's work has always been focused on sharing knowledge and experiences to continuously improve the safety and overall progress of our sport.

That's why GoJump GmbH participates in a continuous ESG best practice round organized by DFV, where individual solutions and experiences are presented and discussed to ensure a swift and collective learning process.

How can I recognize a participating club or business?

All participating clubs and businesses are allowed to display the DFV-ESG logo on their website, promotional materials, and on-site.

For any inquiries regarding our work on ESG, feel free to reach out to the ESG department at jan-dietrich.hempel@dfv.aero.

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