Capital Championships and Night Jump!


GoJump Newsflash

We started our jumping season 2021 - carbon-neutral and safe!

Dear jumping guests,

we are finally allowed to resume our jumping operations, albeit limited for the time being. We look forward to welcome our tandems, AFF students and fun jumpers!

An appointment for a tandem jump can easily be made by phone 030 245 34 030 from Mon.-Fri. You can find the current jumping days in our jump calendar!

GoJump was without Corona infection in 2020 and we want to stay safe! 
Spectators are welcome and can stay on the premises following standard Corona regulations.

Our team is ready to make the sky your playground!


GoJump – the playground for funjumpers

At regular intervals, we offer you various courses for improving your skills under the guidance of our coaches. Offerings range from RW, FF and Track- and Wingsuit to canopy courses.

In addition, you can expect interesting events such as the Italian weekend with Marco Tiezzi, high altitude and night jumps, and of course various competitions.

We look forward to you!

More information and our current ticket and rental prices can be found in the Price Overview.

Price Overview

One jump, one stamp!

Start collecting now – With GoJump Sky Rewards!

At GoJump everyone is jumping at attractive prices:

Start a collection booklet with us at the Manifest, and receive a discount stamp worth 2 € for each jump you perform. Redeem credit when you have 30 stamps or more – e.g. for jump tickets, courses offered, equipment etc. More details available at Manifest!

Your effective ticket price without having to buying a block ticket can be as low as 27 €!


GoJump Hardcore Program

This program aims to promote skydiving as a sport at the Gransee site through structured training with experienced coaches and (if desired by participants) the formation of teams. At the moment, the disciplines RW, FF and WS are available. Canopy Piloting with Miles Cottman will also be part of the program in 2021.

Students and skydivers with new licenses and no competition experience will be taught to jump together, and advanced participants will be trained to steadily improve their abilities.

Miles Cottman: Canopy Coach, Member Australian Para Team, Member of Swoopfreestyle

  • Hone your canopy piloting skills together with Miles!

    Depending on the participant's level, the focus will be on the basics of safe canopy control, safe approaches to faster landings, and advanced techniques for high-performance landings. Apart from short theoretical briefings, practical instruction will play the main role in this course. Approaches and landings will be explained, observed, filmed and then analyzed together. Miles will accompany individual jumps and demonstrate course content in a practical fashion.

    Miles will impart his expert knowledge and answer your questions individually. All questions are permitted, so don't be afraid of asking the wrong questions, those simply don't exist! After all, we want you to get your answers and learn something!

    Unfortunately we had to cancel the courses in June due to Miles not being able to leave Australia vor now. As soon as we chave new dates and can start we will update our page and our jump calender!


Offene Hauptstadtmeisterschaften Berlin/Gransee

Register, take part, have fun and win!

The "Berlin Championships" used to be a tradition. Unfortunately, this series of events was discontinued at some point, despite the number of newcomers to skydiving in Berlin and Brandenburg constantly increasing in recent years.
But because our athletes need the competition and the challenges – also to be able to grow from them – we intend to revive this time-honored tradition!

On September 25, 2021, as part of the GoJump Hardcore program sponsored by GoJump, we will be hosting the "Capital City Dropzone Championships".

Drei unterschiedliche Ausrüstungen von INTRUDAIR

GoJump equipment

Rentals & combos

GoJump works with a variety of providers for skydiving equipment.

Just sent us a message and we will guide you to your own complete rig.


Team Coaching

An honest word to a Teamtraining

We offer the most competitive teamrates in germany. If you find a better deal in germany we will lower it by € 5,- per Teamjump. All our Teamrates are based on the same structure, no matter if you do 4-way, 8-way, Freefly or Freestyle. On the other side teamrates are only available for serious training teams (1 alternate allowed). A minimum of 10 Teamtickets have to be bought upfront and are non refundable.

4-way and 8-way Team Coaching

Teams welcome

The GoJump skydive center is a great place for team training. There is no other activity on our dropzone which means no holding and no hassle. Boarding, landing and packing is all within 100 meters which gives your team the most efficient training facility possible. Our Supervan 900 turns to 4,000m in 10 to 12 minutes, back to back is no problem. Please call us upfront and we arrange a team deal with you. We guarantee minimums of team jumps on weekends as well as in the week.


License jumper prices

Ready, set, go – Jump safely and in a climate-neutral fashion! We offer great courses, many exciting events and you can even save 2 € with each jump!

More information on prices can be found in the price overview.

Price Overview

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