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Our sport lives on teamwork. We work closely with our club, Fallschirmsportgemeinschaft (FSG) Berlin/Gransee, and a number of selected partners who have proven to be reliable developers and suppliers.

Fallschirmsportgemeinschaft Berlin/Gransee e.V.
FSG Berlin Logo

FSG Berlin/Gransee e.V. is an association of skydivers and parachutists that has been practicing the sport for 25 years in Gransee, one of the jump sites with the most skydives in Germany each year.

FSG is one of the largest skydiving clubs in the Berlin/Brandenburg region. Its members are a melting pot of jumpers between 18 and 70 years of age – many also help out at the dropzone, lending a hand and thereby ensuring that jumpers from all over the world will be able to continue to enjoy participating in this sport at the Gransee dropzone in the future.

The association promotes the sport of skydiving and the training of budding new skydivers.

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GoJump has been the exclusive dealer for INTRUDAIR equipment in Berlin and Brandenburg since 2017. For over 11 years, INTRUDAIR has stood for high quality equipment which is sold by 30 distributors in more than 16 countries.

INTRUDAIR produces a wide range of suits and wingsuits for all skydiving and base jump disciplines – always using strong threads, YKK zippers and accessories.

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Katja Seyffardt - Sport Mental Coaching
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Atmonaut Fly Marco Tiezzi
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Landfleischerei Peter Müller
Landfleischerei Peter Müller

Landfleischerei Peter Müller, a butcher based in the region, is where we obtain both the fresh products we offer in our bistro for our guests as well as products for catering and barbecues for events of all types on our premises. Peter Müller has been making the products by hand since 1984. We would like to extend our express thanks to Peter Müller for this successful collaboration and the consistently high level of quality.

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Hotel Schlosswirt Meseberg
Hotel Schlosswirt Meseberg

For a longer stay, we recommend to our guests the picturesque Hotel Schlosswirt Meseberg, which is located very close to our Gransee dropzone.

The ambiance invites you to linger, slow down, and relax. The family-run hotel offers exquisite regional and international cuisine and is also ideally suited for conferences and seminars.

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City of Gransee
Stadt Gransee

Gransee, with its town wall, old monastery and many beautifully restored historic buildings, is well worth a visit. Many of our employees from all over the world live here and feel at home in the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

If you are looking for a culinary experience after a tour, e.g. along the interior of the town wall or simply through the town center, you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at Ciao Ciao, just a few meters from the well-preserved, Ruppiner Tor gate, which can also be climbed. Our skydivers are regular customers here!

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